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HOA Hurricane Rules & Regs

HURRICANE SEASON AND HURRICANE/STORM SHUTTERS: An Owner who intends to be absent from his home during the hurricane Season (June 1st through November 30th of each year) should prepare his home prior to his departure.

  • Remove all furniture, potted plants and other movable objects from the yard and lanai.

  • Designate a person or firm to prepare and care for his home should it suffer hurricane



  • Use of Temporary (Builder-supplied) Hurricane Shutters

  • Temporary (builder-supplied) hurricane shutters may be installed seventy-two (72) hours in advance of a hurricane and remove within seventy-two (72) hours after the hurricane has passed.

  • Permanently installed brackets for hurricane shutters are to be painted the exterior color of the home.Use of

  • Permanently Installed Hurricane Shutters

  • For information about permanently installed shutters (accordion shutters, roll-down shutters, etc.), see the Architectural Review Guidelines

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