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HOA Hurricane Rules & Regs

Per the Winding Cypress HOA Rules & Regulations

Owners may install hurricane shutters, subject to specifications adopted by the ARC. The ARC shall have the authority to adopt hurricane shutter specifications which may include color, type time periods in which shutters may be kept closed, and other factors deemed relevant by the ARC. Laminated glass and window film architecturally designed to function as hurricane protection which complies with the applicable building code, may be used in place of hurricane shutters, except that reflective window coverings are prohibited.

An Owner who intends to be absent from the home during the hurricane season (June 1st through November 30th of each year) shall prepare the home prior to his departure by: removing all furniture, potted plants and other movable objects from the yard; and designating a person or firm, satisfactory to the Association, to care for the home should it suffer hurricane damage. Such person or firm shall contact the Association for permission to install temporary hurricane shutters, which may not be installed more than seventy-two (72) hours in advance of a hurricane and must be removed within seventy-two (72) hours after the hurricane has passed. At no time shall hurricane shutters be installed, without the prior written consent of the ARC.

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