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Safety & Access Control Committee

The Winding Cypress Safety & Access Control Committee will act in an advisory capacity, providing input and recommendations to the HOA board of directors and management, on matters of community safety and security. 




It's time to replace original fobs and barcodes. Old fobs & barcodes will be deactivated on a date to be announced.


Please begin the process of obtaining your new items by clicking HERE to complete the required application form. Once you've completed the form, REMOVE your current bar code(s), and park your vehicle(s) at the amenity center main doors any day (M-F) between 9:00 and noon. Take your current vehicle registration*, ID,  and legal lease agreement (if applicable) to the main desk. Two fobs and barcodes are provided free-of-charge. Additional barcodes and up to 2 additional fobs are $25 each; bring a check or money order payable to WC HOA.

*Vehicles registered to homeowners, person(s) residing with the owner (with ID reflecting Winding Cypress address), and legal tenants are eligible for barcodes.   No barcode stickers will be mailed.

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