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Winding Cypress Community Development District (CDD)

The Winding Cypress Community Development District (WC CDD) is a district with a related assessment for all Winding Cypress owners. The WC CDD may impose and levy taxes and/or assessments on the property to pay off bonds issued for capital improvements (roadways, utilities, ponds, etc) required to complete the WC development. The WC CDD was established pursuant to F.S. Chapter 190 and is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors elected by landowners within the district.

All property owners within the CDD will be subject to annual assessments which are broken down into two components:

  1. The operation and maintenance (O & M) of the improvements

  2. Debt service (annual principal & interest) on the capital improvement bonds.

Read more about the Winding Cypress CDD here.

Read the specific WC CDD Ordinance here.

Read the June overview of a CDD here.

The current board of supervisors  


Alex Petrovsky - Term expires Nov. 2026 

Laura Ray (Pulte) - Term expires Nov. 2024

Patrick Ciriello - Term expires Nov. 2026

Patrick Butler (Pulte) - Term expires Nov. 2024 

Open (former Pulte seat) 

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