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Architectural Review Committee

A benefit of living in an HOA is the assurance of a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing community. Towards that end, our governing documents state that “no owner shall make any alterations to the exterior appearance of their parcel without approval of the Association”.


The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is made up of volunteer members of the Winding Cypress community.  The purpose of the Architectural Review Committee is to review Homeowners’ proposed exterior home modifications for compliance with the governing documents and stated Architectural Review Guidelines to ensure that all Winding Cypress Homeowners have a well maintained and attractive community where property values remain high. The ARC strives to apply the Architectural Review Guidelines (found on the HOA website) objectively, equitably, and uniformly to each application it receives.

Alterations and improvements are part of the joy of ownership, and your ARC seeks to make the process of approval as seamless as possible.  Owners should start by reading the ARC Guidelines and then submitting an ARC Application. Applications are reviewed at ARC meetings, generally held the first and third Mondays of each month. To help expedite the committee’s decision on your proposed changes, please submit applications and all accompanying materials by 4 PM on the Thursday before the meeting. Below are documents to help you ensure your project will be approved.


Homeowners, please note that any modifications to the exterior of your home require the approval of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) PRIOR to beginning any work.  Remember . . . ARC FIRST!

The Architectural Application can be mailed to:

Winding Cypress Office

Attn: Assistant Manager

7180 Winding Cypress Drive

Naples FL 34114

You may also drop off your application request to the main office during office hours or email your request to the Assistant Property Manager.: 

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